Download AOL Desktop Gold Helpline

If you need Aol desktop gold contact helpline number

Download AOL Desktop Gold helps the user by providing the support required in downloading and installing the AOL Desktop Gold and Helpline Number 1-888-388-9197.

AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is a common interface where all the AOL features could be enjoyed seamlessly by the user. AOL Desktop Gold combines AOL Email, Chat, Internet Browsing, Chat and customer service number.

Now AOL Desktop Gold includes:

  • Premium Security features to help the user from getting their AOL account hacked or compromised.
  • Automatic updates help the user to focus on work and not bother about the upgrades to the latest version because as the latest version is available it gets installed in the foreground automatically.

Anyone having the AOL Advantage Plan member could easily install the AOL on Desktop Gold with no additional cost.

Download AOL Desktop Gold Support Services includes:

AOL Desktop Gold has a built in spell check engine which auto corrects the words wrongly typed during the email composing process. You can add your own words as part of your personal dictionary, the words which are added in the personal dictionary will never be corrected via spell check button.

Steps to add a word in personal dictionary

  1. Log In to the AOL Desktop Gold
  2. Press Settings button
  3. Select Mail on the left side
  4. Click the Spell Check tab
  5. Finally click Add after typing the word, this will save the word in the personal dictionary
  • How to adjust the mail zoom settings in AOL Desktop Gold?

Frequently we come across a situation where reading content of a particular email is quite difficult due to its font size or style.The AOL Desktop Gold gives you the liberty to set zoom for individual email or set the default zoom level.

  • How to troubleshoot the AOL Desktop Gold?
    • How to update the Desktop Gold?

This is automatically taken care AOL. You just need to restart the AOL to continue with updated version of it. If you need Aol desktop gold contact helpline number 1-888-388-9197.

  • What to do when Desktop browser crashes?

This can be resolved by clearing the browser cache and restarting the Desktop Gold Application.

  • What to do when mail is missing in Desktop Gold?This could be due to refresh problem or sometimes if you see lot of changes which has not been done by you, it means your account has been compromised or hacked.Mail Sending failure could be fixed by restarting your system once or clearing browser cache or update your browser or white list  Desktop Gold in the Anti-virus firewall.
  • What to do to speed up the Desktop Gold?Restart the computer to fix this issue.Adjust your start up programs based on necessity in the task manager to avoid slowness.
  • What needs to be done when Desktop Gold won’t connect?Check whether your Internet Connection is working if yes then follow other troubleshoot options to rectify the issue.
  • How to install AOL Gold?Check the system requirements before installing the Desktop Gold.In case of installation failure you should restart the system before you start the installation process.
  • How to get the Microsoft .Net Framework installed when prompted during Desktop Gold installation?Please accept the prompt to install the Microsoft .Net Framework so that the Desktop Gold works best.

How to create, add email signature in Desktop Gold?

Creating an email signature Start Download AOL Desktop Gold. Login with your username and password.Press Mail in the top menu bar.Press Set Mail Signatures.Fill in your Signature Details.Click Save.Adding new email signature Start Gold on AOL Desktop. Login with your username and password.Press Mail in the top menu bar.Press Set Mail Signatures.Click the Signatures drop down | Add New Signature.Fill in your Signature Details.Click Save.

AOL Desktop Gold Helpline Number 1-888-388-9197.