Yahoo email is one of the most prescribed email services across the globe, as its user-friendly interface makes its access simple. Even after the ease of accessing the account, users come across a common login issue. Due to some reasons, users remain unable to access the account and every user wishes to know why I can’t login to my Yahoo mail.

There might be some reasons when users are not able to login to email account:

  1. Unable to recall the login password
  2. A wrong username often becomes a reason for the error message, incorrect password.
  3. Login button might not be working or a browser-related error

These above-given reasons might be responsible and may cause login issues. Let’s proceed further and understand the instructions to fix these issues.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Login Issues:

Forgot Password

When you are not able to recall your password, then it’s good to rest your password. You can do so by following these simple steps or can also connect with Yahoo customer service.

  • Go to your web browser, open it, and enter mail.yahoo.com in its address bar.
  • Next, enter your email address and press on Next.
  • After that, press on the forgot password link.
  • Now you see a recovery method, it will ask you to verify your account by selecting a recovery method.
  • Next, you’ll come to a new page, here, enter your password and confirm once again
  • Once you do so, press on apply changes and you are done.

Username or password incorrect issue

There might be a situation when you try to login to your account and you see a wrong username and password pop-up. It might be due to the following issues:

  • When there is an error while entering your login credentials
  • It might be possible your login credentials have been changed by an anonymous

In both cases, it is required to reset your email account password with these above-mentioned steps.

Keep in mind, you should always review the verification method and account security settings.

This way you are able to secure your account for the future.

  • Create two-step security on your account
  • Update an account recovery phone number, security questions, as well as email address
  • Put an off on the account access on an unknown device

Note: your password should be case sensitive, so enter your password in the same way as you have to use the letters during the creation of a password.3.

Check server status

When you are not able to login to your Yahoo account, it is required to check the server status also. Make sure that the Yahoo email server is functioning perfectly in your location.

If you wish you have the opportunity to check the current server status with the help of many known websites, for instance –down detector, outage, report and so forth.

When you find that Yahoo email server is not working or down that happens hardly then it is required to wait until it gets okay. For more information, you can dial the Yahoo mail helpline number +1888-388-9197 .

Update the auto-fill settings

  • Facing Yahoo email login issues even when you try to sign in with the help of autofill settings.
  • It is required to update your autofill settings;perhaps the information that is filled in the account is wrong.
  • It might be a reason; you are facing the Yahoo mail login issue.

Delete your cookies and cache files

In case, you are not able to access your Yahoo mail website or your sign-in button stops working.

We would suggest you clean your web browser where you have to clean all the junk, cookies, and cache files. Once you do so, you should try to login to your email account again. Here are some steps to clean your web browser.

  1. Go to the Chrome icon on your desktop and open it.
  2. Next, you have to enter chrome://history/
  3. Press on clear browsing data
  4. Here, you have to place a checkmark on all three mentioned section and choose all the time
  5. After that, you can press on clear data

When you do so or once you are done with this part, try to open your email account again. In case, you need some help then connect with Yahoo customer service.

Network settings issue

There might be a situation when you are not able to login to your Yahoo mail account and it might be due to network settings. It might be possible your PC is not connected to the internet or the DNS service is unable to respond.

  • This situation may create login issues

You should check the internet connection first if this is the situation

If you are able to access the internet, however, not able to access the Yahoo mail website then it is necessary to update the DNS server address. It will help in getting over the login issue and you won’t say again I can’t login to my Yahoo mail.

Firewall and antivirus settings

When you are not able to login to your Yahoo account on Outlook, live mail or any other party app, now you should check firewall and antivirus settings.

It might be possible security programs are the major causes of blocking a connection and it’s a reason you are facing issues in login to your email account.

So try to disable for a small time and try to login to your email account and again and surely this time you’ll be able to access your account.

Issues in accessing Yahoo email on a smartphone or on a third-party app

When you sign with the help of a web browser, however, you are unable to login to your email account on a phone or by any third party app.

It refers to the fact that your account has a problem with your account configuration and that’s a reason you are having the login issues.

Check if your device is connected to the secured internet connection

Once you check the internet connection on your device, then check if you are able to access the internet and if not, you need to fix it first. Even after following all these above-given steps, the situation remains the same then it’s good to make a call to the Yahoo mail helpline number +1888-388-9197 to ask an expert.

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