AT&T email is the most recognized name globally, and this email service is used for communication purposes. As this email service offers the wonderful features, the users come across various issues and find Att email not working. If you are one of those facing the same issues, then this guide will help you.

AT&T email not working – fix your email account now

Here is a list of issues that may pop-up and keeps you away from accessing your email account:

  • Mismatching password
  • Login failure
  • Webmail problem
  • Browsers incompatibility
  • Email moves to trash
  • Client-server setup problem
  • POP settings problem

Here’re some solutions that can help you in resolving Att email not working problems.


AT&T is offering a wonderful experience to every single user across the globe. It may ask you to reenter your password that might have some effect on your sign-in situation, and the situation may turn bad when you are not able to remember your password. Here’re some steps that will assist you in getting over this issue. In case you have a mail client, then you might need your email settings.

Password issue

You’ll need to go through the password resetting guide in order to fix the password issues, and you can go back to your account.

Login update/change

If you are trying to login to your email account via Yahoo and then are redirected to the att email login page, this is a common situation. In case you face Att email not working issue, later try these steps:

  • Try once by clearing the cache and cookies from your web browser
  • You can also try logging into your account with any other browser

In case you find yourself in the same situation, then you should visit the att.net, and there you have to press on a mail icon that can be seen at the upper right side.

Try with the right browser

Rather than using Internet Explorer and/or any other browser older than 15.x, it is required to use an updated web browser to login to your account. Try using Firefox, Chrome, or a Mac browser, and you can easily login to your email account.

Can you keep your email?

The answer is Yes! With the help of the email FAQs page, you can get the complete information, and you would come to know the required tips. You can also check the terms and conditions to get more information.

AT&T email not working how it should be fixed?

Are you facing your email going into spam? Trash? Or any other folder? You can visit the rules section to set your email account and put an off on this situation.

Hacked or compromised email: in case you find that your account has been hacked or compromised, then visit the rules to keep your account safe and secure, or you may take help from the customer support team.

3rd party browsers: If you are making use of a 3rd party web browser like Outlook, you’ll need to disconnect it from your mailbox so that you can put an off on this problem.

Note: keep in mind, a few 3rd party email apps give rise to various problems and send your email to your spam folder. So it is suggested to not to use such browsers or apps.

Login issues

Your password stops working on your phone

Did you change your password recently, or you connected your email account to your user ID? If yes, then it is required to update your password on your devices to login to your email account. Your Att email not working issue can be resolved this way.

We are not able to find ID and password combination

You’ll need to check if you are using the right ID and password to login to your account. For the protection of your account, your account gets locked after the 2-3 invalid login attempts. In case you face this issue, then you should wait for at least 2-3 hours, or you have another option resetting your password. You can fix this problem with this step.

Your account is found inactive

Do you receive any notification from AT&T internet services security? If yes, then it means AT&T flagged your email account to keep sending excessive spam mails. Your account security may affect, and you’ll need to reactivate your account. When such a situation takes place, Att email not working, then it is required to contact an expert.

Do you wish to keep your account safe and secure? Then it’s good to visit the fraud and security resources section, or you can take help from an expert. You don’t have to worry about this situation when Att email not working; just ask an expert.

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